Proof Is In Numbers, Folks

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Proof Is In Numbers, Folks

Where do the winners come from? Hanover, PA at Hanover Shoe Farms - "The Greatest Name in Harness Racing"


Calling yourself the greatest is easy. People say they're "#1" or "The Greatest" as much as they say, "Hello." So how do you know when something really is "The Greatest"? Well, for the No. 1 breeder of standardbreds in the world, Hanover Shoe Farms, "The Greatest" proof is in the numbers. Big Numbers. 


In 2001, Hanover Shoe Farms set the all time earnings record regardless of breed. And they keep earning and earning and earning. They continue to lead in money earnings of North American breeders.


Ok, so that's the "proof" and I'm not much of a math person. No more numbers. Let's get to the real reason for Hanover Shoe Farms' greatness. 


The greatness is rooted in a solid foundation. The creation of Hanover Shoe Farms stemmed from a love for horses and the desire for quality horse breeding. That was in the early 1900's. Fast-forward. That love and desire is still going strong and their horses are still winning. 


How do they ensure quality and improvement of the breed? 

A well-rounded selection of the finest stallions and broodmares. They acquire the best to make more of the best. Former Hanover Shoe Farms manager, John F. Simpson believed, "No breeding farm is going to reach the top, or remain on top, unless it consistently strives to improve the band of mares." Improving the breed isn't cheap, but for Hanover, the results outweigh any cost. 


Isn't it great to call yourself "The Greatest" and actually mean it? I'll leave Hanover Shoe Farms to answer that.


Check out Somebeachsomewhere and one of his foal at Hanover Shoe Farms. VIDEO

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