Tough Jockey Tammi Piermarini Isn't Afraid to Get Scrappy

in Horse Racing



Look, we’re jockeys, and we’re all the same size, right? I’m not afraid of them because they’re guys. They don’t treat me like a girl and I don’t treat them like they’re big guys, because, well, they’re not... 


Hey, we’re a family, a one-of-a-kind family, I really believe that... Families sometimes fight. I’ll admit, I’ve had to be pulled off some of the guys a few times."

- Tammi Piermarini, Jockey







Ms. Piermarini has recently earned her 2,000th race win- becoming only the fifth woman in the sport of 'kings' to do so. She recently sat down with the Boston Globe to discuss her long and storied career. 

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